We transform the seed industry.

We are an Agtech company, founded in 2018 in Argentina. We focus on improving the standard of the seed industry globally. Giving it a perfectly round morphology so that every producer can plant efficiently, minimize the negative impact on the environment and maximize food generation.


Inefficient maize planting generates an average loss of 700 kg per hectare (just over US$100 per hectare per campaign).
Unifying the size and caliber of the seeds will reduce loss by 50%.

In addition, seed companies will be able to recover seeds with genetics that they currently sell for consumption (at a low price) and market them at common values.

Social impact

Improved planting generates benefits for small producers and the communities in which they live. It will allow them to continue in business, avoiding the abandonment of the activity.


The technology we develop enables the most rational and efficient use of chemicals used in agriculture. The impact on the environment is reduced.



Federico Cola

Ing. Agrónomo


Álvaro Fernández

Lic. Administración - MBA


Jorge Suino

Ingeniero Electrónico

Resp. I+D Ingeniería

Walter Santone

Ing. Agrónomo

R+D Product

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