Company Structure

We address problems and opportunities that affects directly in global agriculture and that influence the sustainable generation of food.

The team of professionals and scientists at Seed Matriz, as well as our Board of Advisors, permanently monitor the vacant areas where we can research and develop global solutions with high environmental and economic impact.

Seed Matrix Innovation develops innovative solutions up to the point of Validation of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and Business Model.

The developments in a position to be taken to the pre-commercial stage and escalation, pass to the orbit of Seed Matrix Operation, from where they can advance with various modalities.

Licensing: remuneration through royalties for the use of the technology developed

Operation: the business is structured as an independent unit, with comprehensive support from Seed Matrix Innovation

Sale of the Business Unit: definitive transfer of licenses for the use of the technology developed or of the operating unit in the event that it is constituted as goodwill.

R&D process

Supported by alliances with global knowledge ecosystems, we structure our internal operations to provide an agile and efficient response to the iterative processes necessary to develop technology-based Solutions with global impact in the face of the Opportunities detected.